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The birthing of our relationship Your sweet voice over the telephone Without much trepidation like before Now speeding at full force Those cold winter months Unleashed a sentiment never Felt before hidden somewhere Deep within my heart. My intellect you admired And this bewildered me so, How could your high regard Not create a fire in my soul? Your enthusiasm about learning And yearning to know more, Always begging for me to answer All questions about Spanish language, My first love, marveled my soul. Something was happening and I did not recognize it then Winter was ending and spring Was rushing knocking at my door. Truth is you were yanking my soul At breakneck speed you were Entering my life like a swallow Being plummeted in my life Taking the rusted warped feelings out Spraying with hope my pale existence From before and I, an obedient student, Followed along, frantic and fevered, At this twisted plot Life was leaving at my door.

What I miss most Do you know what I miss most? The simple, mundane things, Like lying in bed Talking about everyday events Caressing your forehead And looking at your face Smiling and sharing Unimportant things Thirty years of loving Showing in your face. Your head on the pillow Your gentle caresses Talking of simple things, Like everyday happenings. It is being by your side That I miss the most. Hearing the nice things That you would tell me. “Being together is the best Thing that has happened to us. Having you next to me, I don’t need anything else.” . These are very tender memories Of long-lost seasons. They are the beautiful memories Of love in the wee hours, Of endless nights by your side, Sometimes without saying a word, Because lost in your eyes I did not need anything. It is the simple mundane things That I miss the most You are not with me anymore. You are resting in peace now, But I still miss and need you so much.

The lottery of life In the lottery of life I found you in The most unexpected way. You are not perfect, Neither am I, but You are all I ever wanted You fit to perfection And you got here Just in time At the moment that I needed you most You came into my life. Forever grateful I am For the unexpected way God put you in my life

Because I love you I’d go to the end of the earth to find you I’d jump inside a ship, sail the seas, to rescue you. I’d turn into a pirate with swords, to fight for you. I’d jump into a UFO and go to Mars, just to follow you. I’d swallow my pain, my hesitation, and force myself to call you.

Rosa Maria Ceballos de Llano

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