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Catching up with Sarah (Sally) Jane Ruybalid


Mark Hontz / For the Ruybalid family Sarah Jane Ruybalid won the chapel sermon competition at Princeton University and delivered her semon on Student Recognition Sunday on May 12.

— Editor’s Note: Sally Jane Ruybalid is a busy girl. You won’t find moss growing on this rolling stone or catch her napping. Always a person to make the most of any situation, Sally has her education on the front burner and is making her family and friends proud of her dedication to and gratitude for the outstanding opportunity she’s been given to succeed in what has to be a tough endeavor.

Current Goree Princeton scholar, Sally Jane Ruybalid, stopped into The Chronicle-News offices recently and considering the attention the Goree scholarship has be receiving lately, we thought it would be a good time to catch up with the former Trinidad High School Mighty Miner.

Asked what she’s doing in her time at Princeton, Ruybalid (who will graduate with the Princeton class of 2021) said, “A few weeks ago, I won the chapel sermon competition and I got to deliver my sermon on Student Recognition Sunday on May 12.

“This summer, I am going with Princeton in Portugal (Portuguese department) to Lisbon for four weeks in June. Then, I will continue the adventure to Rome, with a PIIRS (Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies) Global Seminar for six weeks; focusing on two millennia of structural architecture in Italy.

Ruybalid continued, “I am a ‘Rising Junior,’ and I declared Architecture as my major. I am in the Chapel Choir, dance and compete across the East Coast with the Ballroom Dance Team. I also sing in an a capella group called ‘Acapellago,’ play with the band and continue work with the Butler Residential College Council.

“I applied for and was awarded the position of Peer Academic Adviser (PAA), one of a few upper-class students who provide student advising to fellow undergraduates in Butler College.”