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Not a boast, but a life’s work


The license plate belonging to Randy Blasing. [COURTESY OF RANDY BLASING]



Randy Blasing, of Lincoln, writes:

Last winter, when my 15-year-old — a car guy almost from birth — told me “poet” was now available as a vanity plate, I asked him to sign me up for it on the website immediately, in case it was in demand! Then, when he read “Cars” (he’s a fan) was starting “Tag Tales,” he urged me to tell my poet’s story.

Robert Frost once called “poet” a word of praise, but someone else, he said, has to say it: you can’t declare yourself a poet without sounding boastful. The DMV, though, doesn’t award anybody the “poet” plate; you have to pay for it. After all, it’s not called a “vanity” plate for nothing.

Vanity aside, I got the plate to help put poets back on the map and remind people we’re still out here, all-but invisible as poetry is these days. Although I’m not a household name like Frost, I taught poetry at CCRI for nearly 50 years and, as a poet, can be Googled or found on Amazon and, thanks to my new plate, on the roads — less traveled or otherwise — of our home state.

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