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Make-A-Wish sends Hobbs girls with health issues, family to Disney World


Olivia and Vivian Kamplain share a happy moment as they contemplate their family’s trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, courtesy of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Both girls were adopted from China by Jacob and Cassie Kamplain, who knew the girls had serious health issues.

Two little girls, two big brothers and one mother and father from Hobbs were on a plane bound for Disney World in Orlando, Fla., early Saturday morning, courtesy of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Olivia and Vivian Kamplain, ages six and seven, are adoptees from China. They will have been in the United States for two years on June

30. During that time, both have been either diagnosed with or treated for health problems that require serious surgery.

Jacob and Cassie Kamplain, their adoptive parents, knew about the girls’ health problems before bringing them home to the United States. Olivia, 6, has multiple congenital heart defects that probably cannot be surgically corrected, although one physician in California did put in some shunts that have helped, Cassie Kamplain said. She said the family is hoping and praying for new procedures that will save Olivia’s life.

Vivian, 7, has hydrocephalus, commonly called “water on the brain.” It’s primary characteristic is an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the cranial cavity. If left untreated it can cause irreversible neurologic damage.

Although Vivian shows no readily observable manifestations of the affliction at the present time, “she will have a hole drilled in her skull in April to relieve the pressure,” Cassie said. “She will be in the hospital in Lubbock for three or four days.”

The girls are not biologically related, but their brothers Logan, 15, and Layton, 12 are the Kamplain’s biological children and like most big brothers are the subject of much hugging and “pestering” by their little sisters.

Thursday night, the girls were as excited as might be expected at the prospect of a plane trip, followed by a week at a hotel and the sights and sounds at Disney World.

Vivian was already sporting a bright blue hair bow and Olivia was wearing what might be described as a “princess skirt,” made of net and decorated with shiny sequins. The girls shared Mickey and Minnie dolls. They said they are looking forward to meeting the Disney characters, including all the princesses.

Vivian, who remembers the 16-hour trip from China, said he hopes this flight is “not as horrible as the one that brought me to my home.”

Make-A-Wish volunteers Bridgette Curtis and Pat Richards were at the Kamplain’s house Thursday evening, visiting with the girls and the rest of the family and tying up whatever loose ends might still exist.

They were almost as excited as the girls as they took pictures and reminded the girls of the things they might get to see on the dream trip suggested by Olivia.

Both Curtis and Richards said they love working with Make-A-Wish. They were eager to encourage people to participate in fundraising activities that will begin soon for the foundation. A hand written note from Curtis said, “MAW has granted 32 wishes in southeast New Mexico in the last 15 months. Seventeen of those wishes were in Lea and Eddy County.”

She said she wants people to know that the money they contribute to MAW stays in the area.

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