ActivePaper Archive Bieber idea needs more study - Hobbs News Sun, 4/7/2013

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Bieber idea needs more study

THE ISSUE: Justin Bieber, or some other top-flight performer, will have to wait to make an appearance in Hobbs.

WE SAY: Given financial realities, taking a little slower approach to Bieber & Co. appears a good idea for now.

The idea of a Top 10 music artist performing in Hobbs certainly captured the imagination. Who could it be? Would it be Justin Bieber? Bruno Mars? Maroon 5? No matter who would perform, it was likely going to cost well over $400,000 and possibly even close to a $1 million to put on an outdoor concert with a Top 10 name act. Some if not a lot of that money would have to come from taxpayers — in this case the city planned to tap into the lodgers’ tax fund. But at the last Hobbs Commission meeting, it was announced the project will be delayed for at least a year. City officials saw the community has some other financial obligations that may be increasing in the coming few months and the window to get a concert planned and produced this year was fast approaching. The combination meant the concert needed to be put on the back burner. Slowing down and waiting a year is a wise move. Spending upward of a $1 million on a one- or two-day event is a lot of money and should not be done quickly or without great thoughtfulness. City leaders are thinking “out of the box” but also appear equally willing to slow down when the timing or the idea needs further study. That, in the end, results in good government and the wise use of tax dollars.