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The Food and Drug Administration has done a great job mitigating the COVID-19 pandemic but continues to miss the mark on dietary recommendations.

In tribute

Gen. Colin Powell was a great, gracious person, soldier and statesman. I feel privileged to have known him, seeing and chatting with him at the Pentagon; working on his old Volvo at the Fort Myer Auto Craft Shop and working on his retirement ceremony. It was always a pleasure being around him.

Rest in peace, great soldier, general, statesman.

Frank Bent, Schertz

Don’t limit church

I am joining other Texas religious leaders in opposing Proposition 3, “The constitutional amendment to prohibit this state or a political subdivision of this state from prohibiting or limiting religious services of religious organizations.”

During the start of the pandemic shutdowns, faith groups released a statement making it clear that while religious freedom is a cherished right, it should not become an excuse to endanger public health.

Public officials must be able to protect the people during pandemics, hurricanes, floods, wildfires, and chemical accidents. If Proposition 3 passes, it almost guarantees our holiest places will become hot spots for disease and suffering.

While all people of faith cherish their liberty, religious freedom is not religious privilege. All should make shared sacrifices for the common good. Religious groups should serve their communities and not expect special privileges. Do what is best for all Texans by voting against Proposition 3.

Rev. Dr. Paul Ziese, past president, Greater San Antonio Community of Congregations

No diet advice, FDA

Re: “FDA issues guidelines to cut salt in U.S. diet,” Nation, Oct. 14:

It’s a wonder the Food and Drug Administration, which has done so much good with the COVID-19 pandemic, continues to miss the mark with its dietary recommendations.

Since 1980, the FDA and USDA have pushed their meat-phobic, fat-phobic, salt-phobic dietary recommendations on the public. Processed foods packed with sugar and corn syrup are considered healthy because they’re low-fat. The results are clear: ever-worsening epidemics of diabetes and obesity. Forty years of failure ought to convince anyone that the FDA needs to cease giving dietary advice immediately.

Brian King

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