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Runoff election thoughts

Erin Trieb / Contributor

A city of Houston employee collects residential garbage with an automated electronic arm attached to his truck in southwest Houston.

City services sans slugfest

Regarding “Slugfest predicted in mayoral runoff” (Front page, Nov. 7): Afull-on slugfest is what Tony Buzbee says will occur during the five-week runoff election. If I had any doubt about whether he is an acolyte of Trump or a nonpartisan outsider determined to improve Houston — his choice of “slugfest” shows me he is planning on playing on voters’ emotions and fears more than data-driven discussions of challenges still ahead.

The last thing Houston needs is a “Make Houston Great Again” creed that ignores where we were, what we have gained, and how best to continue improving.

Mayor Turner doesn’t have to stoop to the slugfest.

Cathleen Loving, Houston

More needs to be done

Regarding “Time to reset tone” (Editorial, Nov. 6): Unfortunately; universally politicians make lot of promises before elections but forget their commitments after occupying office. That creates dissatisfaction among the voters. People with ideas are ignored and heavy campaign contributors set the agenda.

Mayor Sylvester Turner has done fairly good job in tackling chronic city financial problems but ignored real issues common voters face on daily basis. This is the reason Turner is forced into a runoff election against an unknown candidate with no public service experience. I have worked with two past mayors and feel Turner is capable of doing better to solve the on-going problems caused by flooding. Other issues in need of attention are homelessness, street repairs, gang-related crime and they have been kept on the back burner. I suggest extra police patrols at the grocery stores which can save the lives of store clerks.

Manzoor A. Memon, Pasadena

Still seething over Brett

Regarding "ABC blasted over story" ABC was questioned about its reluctance to air a story about Jeffrey Epstein citing that the story lacked “sufficient corroborating evidence.”

The lack of corroborating evidence did not slow down ABC's coverage of the less-than-believable accusations Christine Blasey Ford lodged against then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Gleefully ABC took the allegation of a decades-old supposed occurrence and gave it coverage as if there were eye witnesses when in truth, no one could verify the yarn Ford was spinning.

ABC sets the bar high for hypocrisy and cherry picking of stories.

James Connealy, Baytown

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