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45 years of repeat customers at Brunswick Home and Garden


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Snowblowers and more are on display at Brunswick Home and Garden.

BRUNSWICK — Since 1962 when Leon Laffely first opened Brunswick Home and Garden, the business has been all about things with small engines.

“My dad started the business in ‘62, started it part-time,” said Jesse Laffely, Leon’s son and the current owner. “He worked a regular job to make ends meet, and did this part time until he got it going again so he could actually run it to make a living.”

From the get-go, the business has focused on small-engine machines like snowblowers, tractors, chainsaws, and more. Brunswick Home and Garden covers both sales and repairs of everything from lawnmowers to the latest product, home generators.

The business expanded into maintenance and installation of home generators since Jesse took over 20 years ago. What started as a part-time job for Leon, has grown into 14 employees and regular service on thousands of pieces of equipment over the last 45 years.

“We’re now into about 4,000 generators out there that we are servicing and maintaining,” said Jesse.

Jesse said his father gave him a few rules to live by in the business world. Chief among those, “treat the customers like you treat yourself.”

“We still say the same basic philosophy; we still do it the same way,” he said. “We have a lot of repeat customers; we have a lot of very good customers and clients. You can’t please 100 percent of them, but we do our best to please everyone we can.”

Brunswick Home and Garden often handles repairs sent to them from box stores, and will offer fair estimates of the cost of repair. Sometimes, the cost may not make it worth it.

“Some of the stuff, because of the cost of labor today, it is not worth repairing if you ask for an hour’s time into a piece of equipment that’s $135 value,” said Jesse. “We try to tell them that up front and we try to repair things that are actually repairable.”

Brunswick Home and Garden is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m. to noon on Saturday. For more information, find Brunswick Home and Garden on Facebook, visit , or call 729-3001.

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