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When is a quickie not quick enough?

• ... when it takes place in someone else’s home that you’ve broken into (and left your dog behind)





A Hobbs man and Odessa woman were arrested Sunday night on felony charges in order to have a reported “quickie.”

David Josiah Hines, 21, of Hobbs and Kimberly Cave, 27, of Odessa were allegedly caught inside a Hobbs home police said they had broken into, when the homeowners arrived. They were seen leaving the home and hiding in a vacant house nearby, according to police reports.

When Hobbs police officers arrived, the two were caught and arrested on charges of burglary of a dwelling, a third-degree felony, and criminal damage to property, a fourth-degree felony.

According to the arrest reports, when Cave was interviewed by HPD investigators, she was asked why the couple entered the house. She reportedly said “to have a quickie.”

Police were called to a home in the 1800 block of Orchid. Upon arrival, the homeowners said when entering the residence, the male homeowner observed “two white individuals” running out of his bedroom through an open window. The homeowner said the two suspects were possibly hiding at a vacant house next to his. The homeowner said the female was seen wearing a pink shirt and the male had jeans on, but was not wearing a shirt.

The police report states the two officers found two people matching those descriptions in a nearby vacant house and were identified by the homeowners as Hines and Cave, the couple inside his house. A Hobbs police crime scene technician lifted a shoeprint from the garage door that had been kicked in and another shoe impression from the living room floor. Police said the shoe impression from the garage door matched a shoe worn by Hines, while the impression from the living room floor matched Cave’s shoe.

As police officers investigated the home, one officer noticed a back window open and the screen had been broken. The officer also noticed a dog inside the bedroom, which Cave later said belonged to Hines. Also found in the bedroom was a watch that did not belong to the homeowner. At the time of their capture, police said Cave had a purse which possessed several keys.

The report states the homeowner checked his belongings and noticed several keys to his property were missing, as well as two Allen wrenches used to lock his bedroom doors. He estimated damage to his house at around $1,100. The couple was taken to HPD for further questioning. The homeowners also went to HPD to identify their missing keys. Not only did the homeowner find his keys, but said he believed the other keys belonged to the vacant house.

The police report states during her interview, Cave said she had been staying with Hines for approximately a week. She said they were walking to a house where Hines’ friend lived, when they walked by the home on Orchid. Cave said she thought the house was empty and Hines left her for a minute, then came back and walked her into the house.

Cave said they were in the house for about 15 minutes when they noticed people outside. Cave said she and Hines got dressed, ran out the back window and hid in the vacant house. When asked about how the keys landed in her purse, Cave reportedly said she did not know.

The report states during his interview, Hines said the couple saw three police officers, so they sat down in the house. When asked why Hines kicked in the door to the house since there were vacant homes nearby, Hines reportedly stated he didn’t know what the officer was talking about. At that point the officer ended the interview.

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