Publication:Providence Journal; Date:Feb 12, 2013; Section:Rhode Island; Page Number:A6


University yet to start probes of Institute

    A year after the state police began investigating Daniel Doyle and his Institute for International Sport, the University of Rhode Island has not yet launched either of the in-depth probes its president promised in the early days of the scandal.

    One was canceled; the other has yet to get off the ground.

    URI President David M. Dooley promised in February 2012 to bring in an outsider to conduct an “independent, impartial examination” of the school’s relationship with the Institute.

    But days later, Dooley reversed course, saying it would hold off on its inquiry until “the work of law enforcement is complete.”

    In April 2012, Dooley announced his intent to launch a wider inquiry into URI’s financial relationships with outside organizations and hire a consultant with no affiliation to URI.

    In June, URI spokeswoman Lin-da Acciardo said the university was working on a “request for proposals” to choose a consultant.

    Last week, the university was still finalizing the solicitation.

    URI also announced in May that it had hired well-known defense attorney John A. “Terry” MacFadyen to “assist with Institute for International Sport matters.”

    Acciardo said MacFadyen was hired at a discounted rate of $215 per hour and has “provided some consultation and spent time reviewing documents” but has not yet billed the university.

    Acciardo wouldn’t say whether any URI officials had been interviewed by the state police recently about their roles and relationships with the Institute.

    The university has also refused comment on Doyle’s return to campus. He has apparently been spending time at the original “Hall of Fame” building his Institute built on the URI campus.