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Public meeting set for Goree Scholarship program

By Steve Block The Chronicle-News

††††A new scholarship program will now be offered to Las Animas County students who want to attend four-year colleges and universities anywhere in the United States. A public meeting will be held about the Mary John Goree Las Animas County Scholarships at 6:30 p.m. on Sunday, October 5 in the Pioneer Room of the Sullivan Center on the campus of Trinidad State Junior College, to be followed by a second meeting, at 7:15 p.m., hosted by the Mary John Goree Scholarship at Princeton University.

††††The two scholarship funds are separate entities, but both are administered and funded by the Mary John Goree Las Animas County Scholarship Foundation. The Princeton scholarships date back to 1962, with 27 County students having benefited from the scholarships over the years. Two County students, Arthur MacWaters and Nick Ruybalid, began attending classes at Princeton this fall. Representatives of the Princeton scholarship fund will be on hand at Trinidad High School on Monday morning, October 6, to conduct private interviews with students thinking of applying to Princeton. Contact Louis Rino at the high school to set up an interview.

††††The new scholarship fund is designed for students wanting to attend any four-year college or university in the U.S., except Princeton. Junior colleges and trade schools donít qualify for the scholarship funding. The fund was founded by Trinidad native William M. John, and named in honor of his sister.

††††The scholarships will provide a guaranteed award of full tuition and fees plus a small book allowance without regard for financial need, and the possibility of additional funds for room, board and additional expenses, based on financial need, for all four years of college.

††††The Mary John Goree Las Animas County Scholarship Foundation, a Colorado nonprofit corporation and private foundation will administer the new scholarship program. The foundation will hold it first selection process this fall for high school seniors planning to begin their college studies in the fall of 2015, and expects to award two to three scholarships this year. More information about the foundation and the new scholarship program, including the criteria by which the scholarship recipients will be selected and the application process, will be available on the foundationís website when it opens in October. A public announcement about the website will be made once it goes online. Over the past few years, the Goree Scholarship Fund has grown dramatically in value, far
exceeding the rate in increase in the costs of attending Princeton, which administers the fund and keeps it as part of Princetonís endowment. Therefore, the value of the fund far exceeds whatís needed to support County students attending Princeton.

††††The Superior Court of New Jersey, where Princetonís based, with the full support of the Attorneys General of Colorado and New Jersey, recently approved a plan setting aside a portion of the Goree Scholarship Fund at Princeton for County residents to use at four-year colleges and universities, other than Princeton.

††††The Goree Scholarship Fund at Princeton will still be available as a separate scholarship for County students to attend Princeton, and the existing eligibility requirements, selection procedures and the rules governing the amount of scholarship awards will remain unchanged. David J. Vandermeulen, the foundationís president, commented on the importance of funding college education for County students.

††††ďThe new scholarship program will continue and build upon my grandfather William M. Johnís vision of a scholarship that rewards excellence and expands the range of college choices considered by Las Animas County students,Ē Vandermeulen said. ďThe foundation shares and is guided by Mr. Johnís belief that if Las Animas County students work hard and excel in their studies, they can compete with anyone and should never impose limits on their dreams.Ē