:The Ithacan; :Dec 7, 1989; :None; :17

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Different styles of dance appeal to different types of _people, lending to the success of Dance Horizons, an Ith aca College Theatre presentation running from Dec. 5 to Dec. 9- Using different styles of ballet_, jazz_, modem and tap dance, Ithaca College _student dancers along with choreographers (students and professors)_, try to portray to the audience different themes as well as _sensations. Choreography is done by three faculty members _. Saga M. Ambegaokar, Mary Corsaro and Eugenia Wacker-Hoeflin; two upper nUACANI _MICHEtLB MORRIS

level dance composition _students, Larry Sousa and Desmond Westennan; as well as Mary Anne Kocot_, Craig _Otto and Dcbbie Parsons as assistant choreographers. Act one of Dance _Horizons consists of five separate _pieces. "Sole Talk: When Roy Met Ruby " and "Five For Forella " are _both choreographed by Mary Corsaro, associate Professor as Iihaca College. "Sole Talk:... " features eight dancers dressed in cowboy and cowgirl attire, do-si-doing and tapping away to an upbeat lyric. "Five For Forella " sets a different _feeling over the audience. Dressed in black leotards and white shirts _eight _dancers dance _jazz _to music by Yasef _Latecf. This piece is a tribute to Ronn Forella_, a jazz teacher with whom choreographer Corsaro studies. Forella recently _died of AIDS. The piece "La Belle Et La Bele, pas de deux," _translated "Beauty and the Beast_, a step for two, " is choreographed by Ithaca College junior Alexander _Desmond Westennan. Westcrman takes a very creative view of _the _beauty and the beast_, using four dancers to portray _the beast and a male dressed in a beautiful, flowing _robe. Another female _dancer _dressed in whirling white _represents a _statue. Not only is a male playing the beauty and female _dancers playing the beast a bit odd_, but the change from a mellow piece to an upbeat disco one and then to an _eerie piece makes following Westerman ' s creation somewhat difficult. Eugenia Wacker-Hoeflin, _another _professor at Ithaca _College, choreographcd both "Child's Play " and "As...Gossamer Wings" for Dance Horizons. " Child ' s Play " is a _beautiful _piece that portrays _the _feelings of _loneliness and happiness _seen _through a child' s imagination. _The different types of costumes help create _the image of _seeing life t hroug h a child' s _eyes. "As.. .Gossamer Wings " is a _beautifully choreographed _piece using eight girls _dressed in flowing _costumes dancing ballet. The soft li ghting adds much to Ac mood and the change from white to blue light _intensifies the feeling of tranquility.

Act two consists of Ithaca _College Professor Saga M. Ambegaokar 's _creation "Good Thinkin ' ," and a p iece choreographcd by senior Ilhaca College student_, Larry Sousa. Ambegaokar _uses lighting and sound creatively, making the _audience a part of _the piece rather than ju st _viewers . Two of the dancers in this _creation , Colcen Lawlor '91 and David Villella '92, ' give an i _exceptional performance dancing . _ballet. Their black and _red _costumes are also striking, adding to die intensity of their _presentation. For Thursday evening and _Saturday 's _matinee performances, _tickets arc S5.00 for the _general public and S3.50 for students and _staff as _well as senior _citizens. For Friday and Saturd ay _evening shows, _tickets are 56.00 and _$4.00 respectively. _Ticket information is available from the _theatre box office. Call 274-3224 for _tickets or more information .