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Ad agency ND&P acquires ThreeHD

By Ellis Smith esmith@timesfreepress.com

Online: Hear Three-HD’s Ed Sunder talk about being acquired by ND&P. Comment.

    Neathawk Dubuque and Packett, a Richmond-based advertising agency with offices in Chattanooga, announced it has acquired all assets of ThreeHD, a technology company founded by three Covenant College graduates.

    “We started in January 1996 and started working with ND&P within about a year of the start of the company,” said Ed Sunder of ThreeHD. “Over time we sort of realized that the things they do and the things we do fit together pretty well, there wasn’t a lot of overlap, and we each sort of enhanced what the other one did.”

    ND&P has a strong public relations and design focus, while ThreeHD has always specialized in software and online development, Mr. Sunder said.

    Daniel Fell, executive vice president for ND&P, agreed with Mr. Sunder, and called the acquisition an opportunity to combine his company’s creative focus with Three-HD’s technical experience.

    “We traditionally focused on marketing and communications projects; they have a deeper experience when it comes to e-commerce, electronic transactios, and sales online,” said Mr. Fell.

    He is especially excited about the acquisition of ThreeHD’s proprietary software. Before the acquisition, ThreeHD worked on programs that rendered products in 3D and programmed software for schools to conduct online learning and testing, he said.

    All three employees of ThreeHD will join ND&P’s 15-person Chattanooga office, effectively doubling the development staff at ND&P’s Southeast headquarters, Mr. Fell said.

    “I think what’s happened in the last decade in Chattanooga has only facilitated the ability of creative companies like ours to flourish, which is why we’ve continued to grow our Southeast presence here in Chattanooga,” said Mr. Fell.