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eSpin to add jobs with $3 million grant

By Mike Pare mpare@timesfreepress.com

Online: Hear Chief Executive Jayesh Doshi talk about eSpin. Comment.

    Chattanooga nanofiber company eSpin plans to start adding engineers and scientists after receiving a $3 million award from the U.S. Commerce Department to scale up manufacturing.

    The company plans to use the grant, along with $3 million in private matching funds, and other money for a $10 million project to create the extremely small fibers that can be used in batteries, air filters and other products, said eSpin Chief Executive Jayesh Doshi.

    He said the work likely will permit the business to add about 15 employees to the 12 to 15 now employed.

    The Enterprise South industrial park business was one of only 20 companies nationally to win a National Institute of Standards and Technology grant.

    Dr. Doshi said the award will help “bring eSpin to a much bigger level.”

    “It will allow us to really increase our capacity,” he said.

    Dr. Doshi said there were 3,000 to 4,000 applicants for the grant.

“To be among the top 20 really speaks something about the company and our town,” he said.

U.S. Commerce Deputy Secretary Dennis Hightower said in a statement the new projects “will develop new technology and material that will play a critical role in modernizing infrastructure and developing the manufacturing sector across the country.”

    In all, the Technology Innovation Program awarded $71 million in funding.

    Dr. Doshi said eSpin has some large industry partners whom he would not identify in the aerospace and energy sectors to match the $3 million grant.


Tech firm eSpin will develop commercialscale manufacturing process for nonwoven fabrics of both natural and activated carbon nanofibers.

Jayesh Doshi