Strawberry Fields opens with focus on customer experience


Photo by Jessica Deborah O’Connell / The Chronicle-News Strawberry Fields Store Manager Jacob Stone, above left, and District Manager Ethan Stone both said it’s the customer experience that set Strawberry Fields apart from the rest.


The store’s merchandise is arranged in a consumer-friendly way, that has both aesthetic and practical appeal.


Strawberry Fields has a more discreet design than some other dispensaries, opting against overt cannabis symbolism.


Photos by Jessica Deborah O’Connell / The Chronicle-News Strawberry Fields dispensarie sells marijuana clones. District manager, Ethan Shean described the above display as their little starter plants.

One of Trinidad’s newest dispensaries, Strawberry Fields hopes to distinguish itself among the pack with its focus on ensuring the very best customer experience in the game. With five locations across the state, Strawberry Fields is a relatively small operation that hopes to make a big impact in the industry.

It all starts with first impressions. At first glance, you may not notice that Strawberry Fields is a cannabis dispensary. You won’t find giant weed leaves or distinctive marijuana symbols on the outside of the store, but instead, there’s a strawberry and bright red lights and background. Once inside, you’re greeted by a friendly neighborhood budtender, who checks your ID and sends you back to the budroom. The set-up in the budroom is nice. There’s more of the red theme throughout, and the products are displayed in a way that seems intentional and not overwhelming. The energy of the staff is noticeable off the bat, and customers are immediately greeted with a hardy welcome. From there, a knowledgeable budtender helps you out. If you know what you want, great! If not, no worries, they’ve got the answers to your questions and the products you’re looking for.

“It’s inviting,” store manager, Jacob Stone said of the feel and environment of the store. “We pride ourselves on being friendly and welcoming. I think that’s why people come here.” According to Stone, that level of customer service is a natural consequence of working for such a great company.

“I’ve never been treated so well or valued as much as an employee as I have been here at Strawberry Fields. The owners treat us so well,” he said.

“I don’t think you’ll find a better customer experience,” said Ethan Shean, district manager for Strawberry Fields. “We’re very humble in the industry, but we like to think we set the bar for how to operate in the industry.”

Aside from stand-out customer service, Strawberry Fields prides itself on its variety of quality cannabis products. In addition to its own cultivation, Strawberry Fields offers products from outsourced Colorado growers.

“There are a lot of talented growers in Colorado and we like to display a variety of product,” Shean said.

The company also likes to offer a variety of discounts, offering deals online through ‘cannafriendly’ mediums like, Leafbuyer or Cannapages, as well as daily in-store discounts.

Prices are described as “competitive” for the area. “We try to ensure well-rounded discounts,” Shean said.

The company also places a big emphasis on consumer education, providing information and brochures to customers that cover things like possession laws, buying limits, labeling requirements, and even a warning for pregnant women.

“We want to show respect to our customers as well as our regulators. We’re at the forefront of the marijuana industry and Colorado is setting the model for the nation,” She-an said.

Shean also said that they’re no bad blood between Strawberry Fields and the local competition. “Every store has something unique to offer and we’re all in it together. We have nothing but respect for our friendly neighbors,” he said.

Strawberry Fields is located at 116 Santa Fe Trail in Trinidad. Hours of operation are Sun-Sat 8 a.m.-9:45 p.m.

For more information, please contact Strawberry Fields at 719-471-2837 ext. 6 or visit