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Sunday event to help you prevent invasive species




An event taking place in Marblehead Sunday afternoon is part of a campaign across the Great Lakes Region to teach boaters how to stop the spread of invasive species.

The event, part of the regional AIS Landing Blitz campaign, will be from 2-5 p.m. Sunday at Mazurik State Access Area at Lakeside in Ottawa County, off of North Shore Boulevard.

Ohio Sea Grant staff and volunteers from Prime Time Junior Bass Anglers will be at Mazurik to show boaters the “Clean, Drain, Dry” process to avoid transferring aquatic invasive species from one body of water to another. They’ll also provide information about the threat of invasive species and on what boaters, anglers and other water users can do to protect the Great Lakes.

U.S and Canadian groups across the Great Lakes region have been hosting a series of educational events to heighten awareness about dealing with invasive species.

“This is the first time that these valuable educational events will be held simultaneously across the entire Great Lakes region,” said Sarah Orlando, Clean Marinas program manager for Ohio Sea Grant. “It’s a chance to work directly with boaters and deliver a coordinated, regional message about the importance of AIS prevention during the busiest boating weekends of the year.”

The Great Lakes Commission, which is coordinating the effort with various partner agencies, say that more than 180 non-native species are established in the Great Lakes.

According to Ohio Sea Grant, examples of invasive species in Ohio include zebra mussels, quagga mussels, round gobies, spiny European water fleas, fishhook water fleas, sea lampreys, white perch, common carp and two plants, Eurasian watermilfoils and purple loosestrife.

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