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The real value of Pre-K

Language learners

Regarding “Straus is upside down” (Letters, Monday): The letter writer totally downgrading the value of and need for pre-K is looking at the wrong homes. In homes where the parents have had asolid training and experience with proper language, pre-K is not “essential.” But in homes where the parents, and probably even the grandparents, might not have completed junior high, many even less than that, pre-K is essential to bringing a child, often whole neighborhoods of children, up to the language skills required for success. What those 2-, 3- and 4-year-olds hear in their homes shapes their language usage and must be reshaped in pre-K, or a major percentage of them start way behind.

Bart Busker, Houston

Migration invasion?

Regarding “US immigration to close holding area under El Paso bridge” (Texas, Sunday): Very few commentators or politicians have asked the obvious question: Who is behind the mass migration of tens of thousands of migrants to our southern border? It is virtually unimaginable to think that this could happen spontaneously, but nobody seems to wonder about it publicly. Apparently, there are four countries whose governments are involved — El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and, of course, Mexico. Each has reasons to aid and abet the undertaking, but they have never done anything in a coordinated way until recently. Are we to believe that they are working in harmony by coincidence? Preposterous, I’m thinking.

Invasion is the operative word. This is a coordinated, structured invasion. The purpose? Overwhelm our resources and cause the uncontrolled opening of our border. A country without borders is no longer a country and is therefore no longer a threat to its enemies. In fact, it soon becomes easy to defeat. Congress must wake up, forget partisan hatred and address this situation immediately before it becomes chaos. Whoever is organizing this invasion must be identified and stopped.

Pete Peters, Houston

A question of justice

Regarding “Jackson plans rally for attorney in Smollett case” (A2, Monday): How appropriate for an April 1 event, Jesse Jackson joining a rally in defense of a prosecutor who played favorites with the accused Jussie Smollett. Trouble is, this isn’t an April Fools’ joke, but a rally showing support for a state’s attorney in Illinois. Kim Foxx thinks being a gay black man and a Trump hater should get Smollett relief from any type of restitution for his criminal activity. The less than reverent Reverend Jackson must feel the same, because he is joining in the rally to defend Foxx from those who know she shirked her duties and has no reasonable explanation for it.

More proof of the multitiered justice system in the U.S., where political connections, minority status and fame can get you a free ride for your nefarious behavior. Seems there are no misdeeds too bad that some activists won’t support the perpetrator.

James Connealy, Baytown

Flores’ timing

Regarding “Warren, Castro say they believe woman’s claim about Biden” (National, Saturday): So Lucy Flores is uncomfortable with former Vice President Joe Biden putting his hands on her shoulder and giving her a kiss on the back of her head. She says nothing at the time, in 2014, because she is running for office, and it would hurt her chances of being elected.

After all, Biden was there endorsing her.

But it is perfectly OK to say something now and ruin Biden’s chances for the presidency. She was so traumatized by this vicious act that she needs to let time pass before coming forward?

I believe I get the picture.

Don Mendel, Fayetteville

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