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Trump bashing

Regarding “Cohen accuses Trump of lies, criminality” (Front page, Thursday): I was stunned to open my morning newspaper and see a glaring headline of Michael Cohen saying President Trump is a liar and a cheat. Michael Cohen is a convicted liar and a cheat.

How can this biased newspaper put this headline above Trump/Kim meeting in Hanoi? I see that story relegated to Page 6. Also the political cartoon on page A10 was just offensive. However, many of them are because this newspaper, as many others, never misses an opportunity to put our president in the worst light possible.

The time and taxpayer money wasted on such ludicrous hearings is ridiculous anyway and certainly should not be given the top headline of the day.

You can obviously tell from this letter than I am a (moderate) Republican. I try to understand the other side’s views, but I simply cannot agree with the move toward socialism.

Dee Valenga, Houston

Fixers all

After watching the Cohen testimony, I must leave it to others to determine the extent to which Michael Cohen was truthful or lying. Every accusation will have to be substantiated by other, more reliable witnesses or solid physical evidence before being accepted as credible.

What is evident is that Reps. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., Mark Meadows, R-N.C., and Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, are identical to Cohen, dedicated to protecting the president at all costs. I couldn’t tell the difference. They have no interest in gathering facts or finding the truth whatever it may be. If they were to look in the mirror objectively, they would see fixers in congressmen’s clothing that they really are. No further evidence required.

P. Crane, Conroe

Pants on fire

Regarding “Cohen’s testimony” (Editorial, Thursday): Shame on you for printing the lies of aconvicted swindler as if they are your gospel. For regressive liberals’ policies to get votes, they need an object for their hate. Collusion didn’t work, so now we turn to the testimony of a man trying to get a further reduced sentence.

Nothing this liar said has substantiation, nothing. It is all hearsay.

Reagan Sirmons, Houston

Endless probes

Michael Cohen is done. Now the congressional talk is to call additional witnesses. Will the investigations never end? Hillary. Trump. Others? I wish the lawmakers would do their jobs and do something about these annoying solicitation calls I get every day.

Don Mendel, Fayetteville

Twisted logic

If the Republican House Committee members’ weird logic to Michael Cohen’s testimony had been applied to those who testified last month against the drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, El Chapo would have been found not guilty.

Dale Stevens, Plantersville

Time will tell

During the Watergate hearings, John Dean said “The truth will come out someday.” At the time he had no idea secret tape recordings would show him to be completely accurate and truthful in his testimony. Ultimately, I believe Michael Cohen will also be vindicated, and I find it telling that Republicans in the hearing never asked about Trump’s behavior, choosing only to castigate Cohen and in effect shooting the messenger.

Republicans’ collective refusal to show some backbone and stand up to Trump is the main reason I voted a straight Democratic ticket in the last election, something I’ve not done for most of my voting life.

David Kelly, Spring

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