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HD2 student wins big in statewide challenge

Estill, SC — To help students prepare for the Algebra 1 End of Course (EOC) exam, Algebra Nation challenged students across the state to kick it up a notch by participating in a four-week statewide Algebra Nation Test Yourself! Challenge. The Challenge incentivized South Carolina students to practice for the upcoming EOC exam by solving math problems through Algebra Nation’s online Test Yourself! Practice tool, which simulates the EOC testing environment by allowing students to answer standards-based problems in a format similar to the EOC exam.

Students earned entries into the Algebra Nation Challenge for each time they completed an online practice section with at least 70 percent accuracy. With each entry, students also earned an entry for their teacher. For the second of two drawings, Algebra Nation drew winners for 15 class donut/ pizza parties and three student iPads.

We are elated to announce that Cearon Garvin of Estill High School won an iPad and Apple Pencil, the top student prize in the competition.

Algebra Nation is a free online resource with accompanying workbook, built for algebra students and teachers in South Carolina by South Carolina teachers. The program provides around-the-clock support to more than 43,000 math students, with a personalized learning program of 24/7 homework help from study experts, teachers, and peers.

For more information on Algebra Nation, email Amy Adams or Michael Nelson, Assistant Directors of Algebra Nation at or

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