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Letters to the Editor

Ken Buck as the new GOP chair

Re: “Colorado GOP’s shift to the party of Trump,” April 7 news story

I just read the Sunday article on Ken Buck. Is it any wonder the majority of voters in Colorado are independents. Democrats and Republicans only know one thing: call each other names. I grew up in the ‘60s when politics was known as the art of compromise. Today it is the art of who can be the biggest name caller. The reality is government is non-existent today, it is who can collect the most money from PACs. I wish it weren’t so.

Barry Nielsen, Denver

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How does contrasting “freedom-loving Republicans versus socialist, corrupt Democrats”(in the words of Ken Buck, chairman of Colorado Republican Party) help advance reasonable discourse and efforts to seek common understanding in our state or nation?

Reg Holmes, Centennial

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I am a Democrat. I am neither a socialist nor am I corrupt.

Tom Bunge, Aurora

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Re: “Buck is the wrong choice for the GOP I would like to see,” April 7 letter to the editor John W. Thomas claimed in his letter to the editor to be the ‘’face’’ of the 38 percent of Colorado voters who are unafilliated ... before telling us he votes mostly Democratic. He criticizes a state GOP that has finally chosen to line up behind its party’s 2016 national victor. The same state GOP that, back then, changed its rules and its convention to disenfranchise Trump supporters, and then proudly declared itself “never-Trump.’’ It awarded the state GOP nomination to a candidate any honest ‘’birther’’ would avoid: Ted Cruz, who was born in Canada to a non-U.S.-citizen father. That behavior cost Colorado’s GOP uncounted members, and reinforced my own distaste for the two major parties. This unaffiliated voter will continue to vote for whichever candidate has a reasonable chance at winning and giving us less, not more, government. In 2020, that is certainly none of the Democrats who currently want to be our next president.

Steve Baur, Westminster

A Pinocchio for Mayor Hancock

Re: “ ‘Our roads are a mess,’ challenger slam Hancock,” April 2 news story Mayor Michael Hancock deserves a “Pinocchio” for his answer at the April 1 Denver Post mayoral debate about the future of the Park Hill Golf Course land open space. Moderator Andrew Kenney asked what the mayor would do with the 155 acres of golf land in northeast Denver. Referencing the city’s 2017 negotiations to buy the land from the Clayton Trust, Hancock said “the reason why the city of Denver leaned in on this Park Hill Golf Course issue is because we wanted to make sure we preserved open space.” Hancock’s statement was a lie. The city preserved this land as open space in 1997 when it paid Clayton $2 million for a perpetual open space conservation easement. Despite the fact that Clayton had already relinquished it development rights, the city and Clayton in 2017 drafted a document that is totally inconsistent with Hancock’s debate statement. The document was a draft real estate development agreement between the city and Clayton which — if finalized — would have resulted in the city selling a significant portion of the land for mixed residential and commercial development with some pocket parks thrown in.

Kevin Doyle, Denver

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