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Special shout out to Bentwater’s own Marlene Summers and her Grammy’s Cookie Convoy. Many already know about this because you played in her tournament but, for those who didn’t, you might take a bit of pride in knowing that Bentwater essentially took over Woodforest Golf Course last week in, what has been described by participants, one of the best golf fundraisers ever. Great causes often begin one-on-one and so it was with Grammy’s Cookie Convoy. In 2005, Marlene had a chance meeting with a soldier who’d been deployed to Iraq. That meeting began a grassroots effort to send some “gifts from home” to a few of our heroes serving overseas. Responses of appreciation were extraordinary causing the project to grow exponentially. Now in its thirteenth year, Grammy’s Cookie Convoy has shipped over 250,000 cookies and cards to troops abroad. Each shipment currently includes 5,000 cookies along with the same number of handwritten notes from volunteers across the nation. The cost? About $10,000 per. Yep, you did the math right. That’s a cost of $2 to ship each card and $.15 cookie to the other side of the globe. The value to the recipients? Priceless. Thanks to Marlene, a little bit of home will be shared with thousands of troops who aren’t. And, this time of year, that’s magic.

While Marlene’s tending to the troops elsewhere, troops right here are tending to others close by. I’m talking about the annual Marine

Corps’ Toys For Tots campaign. The Bentwater Ladies Organization has historically been the major force behind the success of Toys For Tots in Bentwater and this year is no exception. At their December meeting these ladies will be filing box after box with toys that help keep Santa alive for one more year to over ten thousand kids in our immediate area. Thank you BLO ladies. For any unable to attend the December meeting (and for any not part of the BLO), you’ll be seeing collection boxes in obvious locations around the country club and sports club. As with the troops, the smallest gesture of any toy is priceless to a kid without.

A Thanksgiving tradition continues! Once again I’ll be frying our turkey on Thanksgiving Day and I’m happy to also fry yours while the oil is bubbling. First bird goes in the pool at 9 and the last one gets dunked at 4. Want your bird included? I’m scheduling times. It’s first-come, first served so calling is the smartest way to claim your spot. My cell is (936) 788-3220. Ready, set, go.

- Bruce Sellers

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