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Lee Pitzer’s undying loyalty to Hillary Clinton reminds me of the old Wile E. Coyote versus the Road Runner cartoons. Wile E. is always trying to catch the Road Runner. Using a series of Acme products, he never succeeds. The cartoon antics are like Clinton’s quest to be the president. Clinton is Wile E. Coyote. In the last episode she somehow ties the rope secured to the Acme anvil around her ankle and as she pushes it off the cliff to smash the Road Runner, it pulls her over the cliff along with Lee, Jim Walters, Gene Robke, Frankie Seaberry, MSNBC, CNN, The Huffington Post, Matt Lauer and the Peace Economy Project. But you have to admire their tenacity in believing in Clinton and her line of Acme products including sending classified information on her private server, Vince Foster’s suicide, the “bimbo eruptions” which have returned to the media, standing by her man, the Whitewater land fraud, Benghazi, being under weapons fire on an overseas trip, leaving Libya and Syria in flames, the James Comey letters, North Korea gaining nuclear missile capability, ISIS gaining strength and then fainting right before election day while getting in the Scooby Doo van. I’m beginning to think Donald Trump is the Road Runner and will never get caught. Beep beep.

– Phil Henning, Smithton


If the GOP tax bill passes, it will inflict severe damage on this country. It slathers huge wealth on corporations and billionaires who don’t need and won’t invest it while taking from the rest of us who do need it. Further, it will increase the national debt, which is both damaging and unnecessary, while throwing millions off of health care.

Now, passing such a damaging piece of legislation, you would think, would turn those GOP voters against their party. But the GOP apparently has no such concern, largely for two reasons.

The first is reliable, single-issue voters who see the world revolving around their issue: abortion or the second amendment. The second is that the rightwing media, which the GOP base follows exclusively, trumpets the GOP’s lies about the bill’s effects.

So yes, some are suckers; some are fools.

– Lee Knohl, Evanston


It is amazing “How your opinion in life changes by your position in life.” This is epitomized by the lack of condemnation of male serial woman abusers/ rapists, from grouping, fondling to electronically locking your office door and raping a women in your corporate office with no fear of reprisals.

Where is the outrage, where is the concerted effort by these so-called empowering woman and men leaders, all of them not just a few to fool their supporters?

Some of these are go-tojail offenses, but the leaders share a particular political viewpoint with these fondlers of our country. They are liberal, Socialist or possibly Marxist, and voted for the loser, their mission destroy America.

The silence of the woman’s leadership in order to further their cause has caused immeasurable physical and mental damage to numerous girls and woman over the years. Women of all ages are still suffering after being violated because of your silence of not revealing known serial abusers/ rapists.

The leadership man or woman, by concealing information of known serial abusers you are and enabler and must accept your part of the responsibility.

It is obvious you are in bed with this vermin and your objective is the destruction of America, and no abused woman or girl will stand in your way, not ever.

– Lee Harris, Belleville


The federal 340B drug discount program should be an important component in helping vulnerable patients access needed health care. The program provides eligible hospitals, safety net clinics, and pharmacies with discounted prescription drugs for needy patients.

Sadly, the 340B drug discount program, after 25 years of various administrators, apparently has drifted off course and no longer accomplishes this goal.

This well-intended federal program is backed by drug manufacturers providing steep discounts on prescription drugs for themselves, without having to provide patients with affordable medicines. The program has gone off track.

As a physician and pharmacist, I urge Congress to investigate the apparent abuse and fix the policy to assure better accountability by all parties.

To truly help the neediest patients, Congress and the administration must refocus the 340B program back to its original goal of providing discounted prescription drugs and improving the health of people in need.

– Mohamed S. Megahy, M.D.,

Ph.D., Maryville


This is my last letter concerning Ted Farmer’s rants. Ted, you really need to talk to Rep. Jerry Costello. He introduced the bill, and it says nothing about the $5,000 and $7,000 tax break. You still haven’t told me where you get your information from. I get mine from Veterans Affairs and the Benefits For Veterans handbook for Illinois. Your statement saying retired vets get disability benefits is ridiculous. And to make it even funnier is the fact that women that served more than 10 years qualify for disability. My brother retired after 24 years with no disability. Imagine that. I don’t know who’s telling you this crap, but you need to stop listening to them or tell me where you get your info. And when I ask if you served I meant military, and obviously you didn’t. I did, and I know the VA system, so quit crying and do some real homework.

– Tom McNaughton, Millstadt


As I look around in my stocks and mutual fund portfolio, I, like everyone else, have seen a healthy increase.

No one wants to admit that this is caused by the new administration in Washington D.C.

The market is up over 5,000 points since a year ago, unheard of until now.

I also have been informed that the financial planners have to look out for the best interests of the investor, and not be so concerned about their commissions, and to act as a fiduciary.

That is a particularly odd name for this profession, but that is what the dictionary says it is.

Anyway, they are allowed to charge a fee for managing the accounts, usually 1 percent or so.

In my opinion this is causing them to make even more money than before. ($10,000 fee a year to manage a milliondollar account, which does not include mine.)

I always thought fiduciaries are people who go around the hospitals and give enemas to certain patients. Sounds like they are doing it to our accounts.

– Jim Preston, Collinsville


America’s exceptional and acceptional president.

Why? Because the American public has accepted all of Donald Trump’s alleged sexual misdeeds toward many ladies without consequence. (He’s still president.)

The American public has reacted in masses toward other offenders, notably men who previously were looked upon as honorable men: newscasters, politicians, actors, even men of the cloth.

Why has America allowed Trump to be an exception? He’s the worst of the bunch. He’s had the audacity to brag of ladies most sacred, intimate attributes. How disgusting from a man that is supposed to be man of honor? The mothers of our children and all other ladies deserve our greatest respect. Trump has shown none. Again. Trump is the worst of all.

America, if you allow this irrational, impulsive man to remain in office, then look at yourself in the mirror.

– William C. Currie, Centreville

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