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Moore allegations politically motivated

GOP leaders want the Republican candidate and front-runner Roy Moore to step down because of alleged sexual misconduct that supposedly happened 40 years ago. Why was not this alleged misconduct by Moore brought to light years ago? This I believe is definitely politically motivated. Money in this country is a major motivator. The Justice Department should get involved in investigating this case. Whoever is guilty should be punished. I know that Alabama is a Republican-controlled state and the Dems don’t relish a Republican president in the White House. Trump has so far done well, even though the media and the Dems don’t think so. Like I stated, this matter needs to be investigated by the Justice Department and the guilty party should be brought to justice.



Reps must tackle climate change

The AJC article “Hurricane sparks debate over leaving island,” News, Nov. 10, is about the fact that “more than 140,000 Puerto Ricans have left for mainland.” The article cites increased exits because of the severe impact on the island resulting in very difficult recovery efforts.

Climate scientists warn us migration inland will result from more severe storms as well as sea-level rise.

As an advocate for taking climate change action, I think the article should have included the fact that climate migration is at least partly to blame.

We, as citizens, should hear the real facts that more of this is happening and then call our representatives: tell them to take on the responsibility of tackling climate change caused by too many greenhouse emissions dirtying our blue skies. Ask them to join the bipartisan climate solution caucus to find remedies.


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