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Why can’t GOP see climate change?

I have granddaughters — 6 and 4 years old — living in Florida. My biggest concern for their future does not involve war and peace, the economy, international or race relations, education, job opportunities, immigration or even North Korea. When pushed, we seem to solve those problems. I am primarily concerned about the future of our environment. Will they have clean air, water, food and residential areas safe from the destructive force of mega storms?

Despite overwhelming evidence that man-made carbon emissions are causing intensified global warming, we continue to elect people who drag their feet on imposing solutions.

A cursory review of the Congressional Record establishes that every GOP senator and representative from Georgia has either denied the existence of global warming, or rejected evidence of a connection with carbon emissions. How and why did treating our environment with such disdain become the “secret handshake” of our Republican Party?


Dreamers are not U.S. responsibility

DACA is the new cud to chew on by opinion writers. I’ve decided that in addition to being a deplorable that I am also a zealot and bigot; all because I resent having to help pay to feed, clothe and educate illegal immigrants. Children here because of an accident of birth are not the taxpayers’ responsibility.

Those accidents...1were systematically planned with forethought to take advantage of our welfare system. As for the dreamers who want a free ride, I think most of us dream of better futures, but we’re willing to pay for our dreams legally without help from the taxpayers.


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