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Q: I’m convinced that texting while driving now outpaces drivers who roll through stop signs. What are the fines and penalties for Georgians who violate the no-texting law?

—Ron Shaddix, Hampton

A: The penalty for texting while driving in Georgia is $150 and one point deducted from your license.

Georgia code 40-6-241.2 states that drivers (18 and older) aren’t permitted to “operate a motor vehicle ... while using a wireless telecommunications device to write, send or read any text based communication, including but not limited to a text message, instant message, email or Internet data.”

Drivers younger than 18 are prohibited from using a “wireless telecommunications device” while driving, according to Georgia code 40-6-241.1.

That “means talking, writing, sending, or reading a text-based communication, or listening on a wireless telecommunications device.”

Q: In October, a Woodstock resident, Kenneth Boland, was reported missing and later found deceased. Does anyone know where he was found?

—Deborah Eastin, Fayetteville

A: Boland’s body was found near Woodstock’s Olde Rope Mill Park in October, a Woodstock Police DepartmentspokeswomantoldQ&A on the News in an email.

Boland, 82, had been missing since the previous week.

Q: What is the best address to write to former President George W. Bush?

—Mary Lou Brooks, Dunwoody

A: You can write to the Office of George W. Bush, P.O. Box 259000, Dallas, Texas 75225.

You can also send an email to info@ogwb.org.

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