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Lawsuit ads result in high insurance prices

Louisiana is the only state with a very loose auto claim act that benefits only the attorneys, not the auto owners. This is the only state that advertises lawyers for auto claim lawsuits in not only Louisiana but surrounding state with large signs.

This liberal act has brought auto insurance to sky-high limits and benefits the law firms that are attached to a wreck whether its a large on or a small one.

Whether you are guilty or not they have to enlarge the suit in order to gain a larger profit among both firms of guilt.

They have large expensive billboards in surrounding states to retrieve more clients that will be under a liberal act that is welcome to their firm.

Louisiana needs to go back to what the rest of America states have in auto insurance and honest claims that are of the facts, not a conjure of success.

This is why Louisiana has such high auto insurance.

Dick Waltrip


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