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Lost Rock ‘N’ Roll Photos At Rhinebeck Show May 27–28

RHINEBECK, N.Y. — Michael Friedman, former manager and music producer, launched his music career during America’s folk and rock and roll infancy in the 1960s. On May 27–28, Friedman will showcase a personal collection of never-before-seen, candid, black and white photos of renowned musicians at Barn Star Productions’ Antiques at Rhinebeck show in a special exhibition there.

During the late 1960s and 70s, Friedman had the experience of working, traveling and befriending numerous respected and legendary musical artists. While initially working as a publicist, and subsequently as a manager and music producer, he was also an avid photographer. Through his day to day relationships, his photographs were able to capture the essence of that historic period in music.

“There is an almost ‘accidental human element’ that I think is noticeable in these photos,” Friedman now says. “Many of them give the viewer a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the artists as individuals; an unself-conscious look at them from the point of view of someone who was part of their team. I was not a hired photographer so everyone was pretty relaxed and just being themselves.”

Friedman shot more than 1,000 images of various musicians. He packed the negatives away but then lost track of them, eventually considering them lost. All that remained were a couple of the original contact sheets. Then, in late 2016, after 45 years, the long-lost negatives were discovered in Friedman’s attic.

Now fully restored, a collection of more than 40 images will be exhibited and available for sale in Rhinebeck for the first time.

The show takes place at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds, 6550 Spring Brook Avenue. For show information, or 914-474-8552.


Mick Jagger performing at Madison Square Garden, 1969. —Michael Friedman photo


Janis Joplin backstage with tequila, 1969. —Michael Friedman photo

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