ActivePaper Archive COURT UPHOLDS TRUSTEES IN JEWISH CENTER SUIT - The Jewish Review and Observer, 1/20/1928


"Majority Mus( Rule" Judge Powell A-.serts in Local Controversy

"A court of equity is powerless to interfere in matters of conscience. The determination of all sin h matti rs must be left to the majority of the members of the congregation," asserts Judge Homer G. Powell of the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas in an opinion handed down in the case of Abraham Katz against Rabbi Solomon Goldman and other officers of the Jewish Center, in which the stand taken by Rabbi Goldman and the Jewish Center trustees is upheld. Katz. representing a group of minority members, contended that certain changes in the ritual, which had been approved by th.e majority of the congregation, were hostile to the doctrine of traditional Judaism. The court's decision was to the effect that it had no jurdistictiou where the dispute was ecclesiastical in its character and that the will of the majority of the members would govern.